Dark Blue Evil Eye Mug

Dark Blue Evil Eye Mug

33.30 $

Hand Painted
Capacity: 350 millilitres
Material: transparent glass mug
Gentle wash with soft sponge and hot water
Microwave oven safe
Made and shipped from Slovenia



✧Gift this handpainted evil mug to your witchy friends, partner, or family members✧
✧Or just gift it to yourself, you deserve the protection and love✧

The blue evil eye can be separated into two different types – the dark blue evil eye and the light blue or turquoise evil eye. The dark blue evil eye offers protection from karma and fate, whereas the turquoise variant provides health and overall safety.

✧Glass mug
✧Materials: glass mug colors for glass
✧Each mug is hand-painted with colors for ceramics and glass; when dry the color is heat-fixed
✧Capacity: 350ml (11oz)
✧Gentle hand wash with a soft sponge a little soap and warm water recommended✧

✧I paint on your mugs with colors for ceramics, metal, and glass.
✧Each item is unique because it is made after your order and so minor detail changes are expected compared to the original product image.
✧When they are dry I heat fix them
✧Then items are carefully wrapped in bubble wrap and gift paper. I put them in a gift box and cardboard tubes which are usually painted by me.
✧After that, I put them in the post box and add extra protection paper around the box so your items will come to you in perfect condition.

✧I usually need a few days (3 -5 working days) to prepare your order because it’s made after your order and I need some time to work it out – usually with personalized products!

✧Slovenia – Usually 2 – 3 working days
✧Abroad – up to 4 days to ship from Slovenia and up to 4 weeks for overseas

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If you have any questions hit me a private message, and we will figure it out, I’m always happy to help!♡

♡♡♡Thank you for all your love and support I appreciate it so much♡♡♡