iPad Cosmic Planner 2022

iPad Cosmic Planner 2022

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  • Weekly planner
  • Illustration of monthly zodiac sign with dates
  • Month view of moon phases and
  • Month view of what is important
  • Meaning of different moon phases (special)
  • How to manifest with the moon (special)
  • Your new moon wishes and releases (special)




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Why Moon Planner?

The moon controls the tides of the ocean and our body is 70% composed of water therefore Moon has immense control over our body. Like the waves of the ocean, our hearts, emotions, and desires are ever flowing and changing. Cosmic Planner shows and explains lunar phases so that you can manifest or let go of different things in your life according to the moon’s phases.

Why should you choose a digital planner?

With a digital planner, you can be more efficient in managing tasks. You can write freely, easily edit tasks and erase items. Digital planners also eliminate paper and gadget clutter and are environmentally friendly.

None of your past planners worked for you?

That might be because you are taking the task of using a planner as a chore. Writing plans on a blank piece of paper or on an unappealing calendar is no fun. You should love your planner because you will be reviewing it each day (hopefully).

What if I don’t use manifestation

No worries, you can still use it as a normal planner, just use the slides that benefit you. You will still have a beautiful artistic planner that is better than 99% of other blank planners.

Cosmic Planner by SheWolfka

1. How to manifest.
The planner begins with a quick overview of all moon phases with a simple explanation of what each moon phase means.

2. Zodiac with moon calendar.
Each month has an Illustration of a zodiac sign that dominates in the month and on the right there is a lunar calendar.

3. Highlights of the month.
A place for your highlights. Write what is important for you this month or mark any important days.

This month wishes & releases

4. Manifestations and releases.
Here you can write down all the things you want to release and attract in the next 30 days. Writing resolutions down helps many people proactively work towards reaching them. Also, if you are feeling stuck could be things releasing like old memories that are haunting you, or habits you want to let go of.

5. Week planner
Each day you can write your daily tasks, habits, notes, or what you’re grateful for, how you’re feeling, and how you’re working to accomplish your goals.

IPad Digital Planner

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Start the new year the right way.

How to use the planner?

  1. You will receive a Cosmic Planner PDF document with 97 pages.
  2. You need an iPad. Any version of the iPad will work. I also recommend that you have a stylus or iPen, as you will also be able to draw freehand. However, it is not mandatory as the text can also be typed with the onscreen keyboard.
  3. You need GoodNotes app. To use this digital planner you are required to install a PDF Annotation app such as GoodNotes or Notability. Yes, you will probably have to purchase this App but trust me, it is money well spent! It’s a once-off payment and is the magic ingredient to taking your Digital Planner to WOW!
  4. Import pdf planner. To import your Cosmic Planner, you can either import it from your Files app from GoodNotes/Notability, or if you’re downloading a file from Dropbox or Safari, simply tap “Open in GoodNotes/Notability” from the share menu.
  5. Bookmark favorite pages. Use the bookmark option to save your favorite pages. Cosmic Planner has 97 pages with monthly side links, but still, you might want to save a specific page. We’d recommend taking advantage of the bookmark option in GoodNotes, to mark your favorite page or most frequented pages for easy access.

Who is Shewolfka?

Meet the head wolf of Shewolfka -> Polona, who is always full of imagination and ideas which as a teen girl started to express them with painting on mugs, bottles, canvases, and also some natural materials such as wood and stone. In the year 2017, she finally decided that she wanted to do this professionally so she started to sell her art locally and on etsy.com. As orders grew, on 23.11.2019 she launched the company Shewolfka Polona Vovk s.p. and since then, she brought joy with her art to more than 1,000 people from 30 different countries around the world.

Due to the longer delivery time of physical products, she has recently started to shift focus more to digital art such as digital portraits, printable calendars, digital illustrations, and in the future, there will be also NFTs.

Polona: “When I’m painting and I’m in the creative process. Each art piece has its own story to tell, each thing I create is something where I put my magic, my soul, and my heart to.”

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