We live in a reality where energies start to shift very fast, so we must learn how to clean our energetic bodies because all negative energies are coming on the surface and some of us are getting more and more sensitive to different vibes.

You can help transmute negative energies in your body and around your body with ”white light energy”, with your intentions, drinking some high vibrational herbal tea, with smudges & candles, salt baths, home salt cleansing, and taking a walk in the nature.

Have you ever thought when feeling down for no particular reason that there is something more hidden behind this weird anxiety? Perhaps if you are highly sensitive or empath you are even more likely to feel anxiety or be depressed. Because you are more sensitive to energies you are more likely to pick up negative energies from other people. It is very much possible to also feel on a physical level when other people send you negative thoughts! I know this because I’ve been there and I didn’t know how to get rid of those harsh energies. It’s like someone would attack you and bring you down and suck your energy out. You can feel hopeless and unable to do things afterwards, you can also feel so drained and have feelings of unworthiness and sometimes you don’t feel that it’s worth living.
Yes, that’s how negative energies of psychic attacks can affect you and you don’t even know it! I learned that a really hard way and I hope I will be able to help you with my tips.

So when you are out and about shopping or hanging with people and you get home and suddenly you start feeling low. Why the hell I’m suddenly having a bad day!? Before that it was all fine, flowers and unicorns, and now suddenly **anxiety**! Damn if I could just switch this off, you think.

It’s crucial to start observing yourself very closely. When did I start feeling like that? Who was I with or who is with me right now that could affect me? Are those emotions that I’m feeling mine or are they maybe from someone else? Were you in an argument before and you feel so freaking drained that you can just go and sleep for a week now?? Are there some particular people that are sending some bad vibes to me? Did I eat some very low-vibrational foods that drained me?… Yes, food can affect you so much too! If you eat death you will feel like death!

So you tried to answer some questions and now let me tell you about a few techniques that helped me! Note that we all are different and you should first try those you feel most drawn to. You might need to do them a few times to feel better or try different ones or combine them all together!


1. White Light Energy

White light is the space within the universe that houses positive energies and can be called upon by anyone.

  • 1. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths into your heart. I love to imagine that I breathe in white light and that it’s filling my whole body up. When you exhale imagine your auric field is getting filled with white light. Do this a few times before going on next step.
  • 2. Try to see with your third eye where the blockages are on your body. Scan your whole body and observe. Are they ‘wrapped’ around your throat? Are they maybe blocking your heart chakra? Are they trying to get your power away and are placed around your solar plexus? What do they look like? Are they like black ropes or maybe chains that are holding you?
  • 3. Imagine white light shining on those dark energies which is illuminating and transmitting them into the light. Do this for a few moments.
  • 4. Slowly open your eyes and observe how you feel.

2. Use Your Own Power

Yes, my dear. YOU are the most powerful and only YOU can overcome your obstacles! But how? I’ve been asking this question myself for many years. My whole life more particularly. It’s been hard but my curiosity for esoteric stuff was always there and I found a few interesting tips that helped me! So because we live in a world with free will we have to learn that we can also command the energies of our own! Listen up, yes, you can command your power to come back to you!

  • 1. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and say out loud if you can: ”All energies that are not mine I send back to the source” (back to the divine source) repeat this a few times and feel heavy energies leaving you.
  • 2. Now say out loud or to yourself: ”All energies that have ever been taken from me come back to my space”. Repeat this sentence a few times and feel it coming back to you!
  • 3. You can also say to yourself: ”I call and claim my power and energy back to me”. Close your eyes and say this out loud if you can and feel the energy coming back to you.
  • 4. Use some incest sticks if you wish or burn palo santo to smudge yourself between saying those words.

This exercise is very powerful and you can do it anywhere and anytime you start feeling any negative energy; just call your power back to you! This exercise can show you how powerful you actually are. So use your powers for good and after that don’t forget to protect yourself with white light.
Imagine yourself shielded in white light like a cocoon or maybe like a cloak if you like that term more. Imagine putting a white cloak around you covering your head and third eye. Imagine stepping in and zipping it from the bottom to the top.

3. Drink High Vibrational Tea

Brew yourself a tea and use only organic plants for this one. Calendula is the herb that will help you repair your auric field, the nettle tea is very good for protecting your energy, drink it when you feel drained. It provides energetic protection and resets your body and mind. If you can get your hands on rose petals these will fill you with love. Rosemary will clear away unwanted thoughts, lift you up and fill you with concentration. Saffron will help you with depressive thoughts. You can use any other teas as well. These are just the ones I would find most helpful.

  • 1. Start brewing your tea with the intention of filling it with love. When you pour it into the mug hold the mug in your hands or one hand on the mug and the other above the beverage and imagine sending love to the liquid from your hands. You can send any other positive intention you want to put in your body. Maybe you need more peace, health, or understanding. Just imagine all that filling your tea.
  • 2. You can do that for a few moments before drinking it but the more time you are putting intentions in the tea, the better!
  • 3. Drink your loving tea and feel the warmth and love.

You can do this every day. Also, you can do this with your food and water!

Also be aware that if your body isn’t used to love vibrations it can resist them and you can feel slightly bad because of this at first! That is why I would first recommend trying other techniques before this one. And try this one to introduce to your body more slowly. Maybe once a week for a starter.

4. Smudges and Candles

  • 1. Light up a white candle to clear your auric space and your home. Remember, intentions are really important! You can say something like ”My personal space and home are getting cleansed and filled with only high vibrational energies”.
  • 2. Burn some smudges, palo santo, incense sticks, on candle fire, clean your aura, and try making an intention when doing that. For example: ”I only welcome love and light into my personal space”
  • 3. Repeat smudging your rooms in your house and don’t forget the corners there is usually a lot of bad energy stored. While you smudge your rooms have an intention in your head repeating, but ist even better if you say it out loud: ” If you are not love and light leave my house now”. Don’t forget to open your windows before doing that.
  • 4. Observe how you feel afterward.

Do this whenever you feel low energies or you have a bad day. I do this very often, almost every day to keep my energies calm.

5. Salt Bath

Take a bath with sea salt! Salt is an amazing transmitter of negative energies as well as the water is!

  • 1. Choose some Epsom salt or any regular sea salt for your bath. Fill your tub with hot water and add some salt between its filling up.
  • 2.  Send some love, peace, and harmony to your water, it will help fill you up with positive vibrations! You can send any other intentions to the water if you want. Bless it with health, protection, abundance,…
  • 3. Light up some candles, incense sticks and play binaural beats for a better vibe if you feel so.
  • 4. Soak into the tub and enjoy. Feel the negative energies get sucked out of you and get replaced with positive ones.

6. Use Salt for Cleansing Your Home 

Salt has many positive benefits for the body as well as for cleansing spaces. It has been used for ceremonies and rituals for many centuries.

  • 1. Cleanse your home with smudges before sprinkling salt around your home to prevent negativity from returning. Especially clean the corners of your home this time.
  • 2. Gather some cups, I use glass jars and fill them with sea salt. It is enough to cover the bottom of the jar.
  • 3. Place the jars with salt around the house in each corner. You can also sprinkle the salt in the corners and across your door thresholds.
  • 4. Let it absorb the negativity for 1-2 days and then throw it into the toilet and flush it to completely get rid of bad vibes. Remember, water also transmutes bad vibes.

7. Take a Walk in Nature

Take a walk in a forest or park to take a break and breathe in some fresh air. Walking boosts endorphins and reduces cortisol in our bodies which is built due to bad food, stress, and fear,…

Go and hug a tree or lay on the grass, observe the view, or watch and listen to birds. These things are unconsciously helping us so much! Try to be present while watching and listening to birds. Be in the present and try to forget about the past or future just for a moment. Take a few deep breaths into your stomach and heart and see how your energy shifts.


Few tips helped me and I really hope these will help you as well. There are many more great exercises and ideas for cleansing and transmitting bad energies. With your curiosity, you can find and do something amazing and loving for yourself.


Sending you much love and light,