I’m 29 years old Slovenian girl coming from a small town and seeking something bigger, sprinkled with magic. I have so much to offer and show to you. I’m always so full of imagination and ideas and I don’t know where to start. So I finally decided to start with painting on mugs, bottles and other (blank) things, mostly useful things.

When I was a kid, mom just gave me the colors and blank paper and I fell in my imaginary world. I think It’s important to keep the magic of childhood with you all the time.

All you can find on this page is made by me with my bare hands.

When I’m painting and I’m in creative process, I keep finding new stories to put on mugs, bottles, canvas, or other things. Each mug has its own story to tell, each thing I create is something where I put my magic, my soul, my mind and heart to.