Aura is the energy shield around us which protect us from lower energies and also illness! When aura is damaged and weak we become susceptible to negative energies, negative entities, negative thoughts of others that can harm us mentally, emotionally, physically.

You can protect yourself with imagining white light cloak around you, with imagining golden shield around your body, you can use protection crystals like shungite, black tourmaline, obsidian, selenite,… Imagine yourself In a happy place for a few moments, do the exercise for expanding your aura, work on loving yourself more…

It is time of a big energy shift and we all have been affected for sure! Everything is changing and while old is trying to get their way back to ‘normal’, universe just doesn’t let us have it that way! People are scared and stressed we fear the new and losing our jobs, our loved ones, our homes, health,…

Because of all the fear the aura is very very fragile! We are more open to get hurt by negative energies because of all holes in our energetic field around us. The fear is one of the biggest reason that our aura is thin and damaged, remember that. Also with all negative information that we absorb into us from the internet and news on tv it just causes us more damage! Because of weak aura we can also get sick faster, our immune system can easily shuts down and we easily caught different viruses and infections.

Many people don’t know how important is to protect ourself energetically. We may feel anxious and depressed, we may feel down and unworthy, we may also feel that its not worth living, which is very sad. You just don’t know anymore how to shift to positive how to uplift your spirit, you just give in! All people around you are trying to ‘help’ you with their opinions but they just don’t understand that its not just physical world for you in this lifetime. You feel so much and it hurts so much but you have no power to deal with it! You feel emotionally drained and anything you do to feel better its not working for you anymore. Does this sounds familiar?
Keep on reading I might be able to help you ☺️.
Also keep in mind that all your emotions are always trying to tell you something. They are also there to help you unfold your traumas and let go. But there are many more reasons to feel drained or anxious. You might be dealing with emotional vampires in your family environment or you might just pick up energies from people when you are at work or you are shopping. Think about if there might be someone that would be sending you negative thought or you might just argued with someone? These things will drain your energy especially if you are empath or highly sensitive person.

But before protection you have to cleanse yourself:

  • Burn sage, palo santo, incest sticks and smudge your energetic field and your home
  • Light some candles with intention of cleansing energies that doesn’t belong to you
  • Imagine white light cleansing your energetic field
  • While smudging with smoke repeat ‘If you are not love and light leave my space/home now’
  • Take a hot salt bath
  • Sprinkle salt in corners of your house, window shelfs and doors
  • Take a brisky walk in nature to reduce cortisol
  • Write down situations, emotions, that doesn’t serve you anymore. Than burn the paper. You can also draw the person and burn it.


1. White Light Cloak

White light is space within the universe that hold positive energies. White light can be called by anyone. This type or protection creates a shield that prevents other energies to harm you or your aura.

  • 1 Take a few deep breaths to slowly calm yourself
  • 2 Close your eyes, sit straightly or stand if you wish
  • 3 When you breath in imagine you are filling yourself with white light
  • 4 When you exhale imagine that your energetic space is filling up with white light. Take a few more deep breaths and notice how you feel.
  • 5 Now imagine your body is completely covered in white shield or white cloak. Imagine your shield few inches from your body protecting you from harm of outer world.

This exercise is great if you do it before you go out in public, on meeting, on family gathering,… You  an do this protection exercise anywhere and anytime.

2. Golden Shield

This amazing exercise also helps you suck out all negative energies that are still stuck in your body. This technique is cleansing and protective and I do this anytime I start feeling down.

  • 1. Imagine golden light coming down trough your crown chakra and pink light coming up trough your feet.
  • 2. Imagine golden light making a shield around you like a cocoon
  • 3. See how gold creates a shield and when its completely closed see with your third eye how all negative energies are sucked out of you! Observe how you feel after that.

3. Crystals and Stones

I used to wear my shungite around my wrist on knotted wristband. They say its one of the most powerful crystals for protection! I guess I didn’t even realize this guy really helped me until I took it off one day. I read some amazing thing about these crystals on the internet and guess what? I gone and find it right away.


Rare stone made of 99% of carbon found only in Russia village Shunga. If you choose to use it it can help you boost your energy, help with healing, soothing stress, detox your body, purify body and mind, it will protect you from harmful EMFs, will increase mental and physical balance.

Its believed that shungite holds most powerful antioxidants that shields your cells from free radicals. It kills wide variety of bacteria and viruses (yes covid19 included), pathogens…

How can you use it?
–  You can soak few clumps of stone into a bowl filled with water and let it sit for at least 24 hours but ist best 2-3 days before you drink it. Also make sure to rinse them well before doing that!

– Of course you can wear it as a jewelry or just keep it in your pocket, bag or wallet.

– Place it near EMF sources (WiFi routers, microwaves,…)

– Keep it near your bed or even under your pillow


Use it to protect yourself against emotional and physical negativity. Obsidian cloaks your aura from the negative vibes that have overtaken this world. It has unique ability to transform negative energy to positive! It even wards of evil forces that lurk in the spirit realm. It is one of the best protectors of your aura you can gift to yourself.

It will keep your your mind clear  and protect you from stress and other people emotions that could affect you. As well as shungite, obsidian is also able to protect from catching a virus! It will protect your aura from dark forces, evil people, voodoo, spells, psychic vampires, neighbours, coworkers… who have ulterior motives.

  • Wear it as jewelry, keep it in pocket, bag or wallet
  • Place it near bed or under pillow for protection at night
  • Keep it near routers, and other devices to block radiations
  • You can protect your house and place it near doors, window shelfs,…
  • Protect your garden with obsidian, place it into flower pots,…
Black Tourmaline

This is another powerful protector! It can be used to cleanse energy and protect against negative forces. It is known as a powerful grounding stone, providing a connection between human spirit and Mother Earth. It will help to keep your energies balanced and positive. Its excellent for meditation and healing, reducing stress and anxiety. It will protect you on emotional, spiritual and physical level.

  • Wear it as a jewelry, place it near bed, keep it in your pocket or purse,…

Cleanse your crystals :

Make sure to cleanse your crystal before using them. You can simply keep them in hand and bless the water from pipe and hold them under the flow. If you can imagine how they are getting cleansed that is even better.  You can also put them into the water glass over the nigh, smudge them,…


Oh I just love selenite! Selenite is as pure as white light and indeed its amazing when you cleanse and protect yourself with it.
‘Comb’ the energies down from the top of your head, just do this few times than move to your neck and shoulders. After that comb it down your arms and continue down your torso. Try staying at particular chakras you feel blockages and than move on. When you get to last root chakra just comb it down the legs into the earth. Imagine earth taking negative energy and you are left with beautiful white glow around you. I also love to do few more combs around my feet to feel more grounded after!
Selenite is self cleansing crystal because it literally white light so you don’t need to cleanse it.

4. Imagine a Happy Place

Close your eyes and imagine the happy, calm place that resonates with you the most. It could be a seaside view or beach where you listen to the waves, the forest with fresh air and birds singing. Maybe you hear a spring water or a small brook; imagine sitting there and being present for just a moment.

5. Expand Your Aura

To do that create the energy with your hands with rubbing them together for a few moments. When you create a lot of heat between your hands, pull them apart. Slowly put them close together again and feel the pull you have created! Than imagine you have created a white ball between your hand that you can now expand. Just play with it for a few moments and when you pull your hands apart slowly feel how it expands. Set any intention to the ball, send love to it or protection or anything. Than go with your hands all around your personal place and imagine expanding and filling the holes in your aura.

6. Work on Loving Yourself

Low self esteem its also a big cause of weak energetic field around you. You get easily hurt by others if you don’t value and respect yourself. If you are an empath setting boundaries is cruical thing to do, find different ways to show yourself love everyday. Ask yourself in which ways I don’t love myself, and start resolving those parts of you. Start observing your thoughts and catch the negative ones and replace them with positive ones.