Wooden Bird Keychain

Wooden Bird Keychain


✧Perfect gift for bird and art lovers✧



✧This cute wooden keychains are hand painted by me and its one of a kind art <3

✧Its perfect gift for bird and art lovers✧

✧Hand painted wooden keychains, silverplated rings
✧Materials: wood, acrylic colors, silver plated rings, black waxed rope
✧Do not wet the keychain. Even thought the pendants are painted with acrylics and protected vith varnish I do not recommend it to get in touch with water!
✧If treated with care this art piece will last a life time✧

✧Each item is unique because it is made after your order and so minor detail changes are expected compared to original product image.

✧I will need a few days (3-5 working days) to paint ship your order

✧Shipping for Slovenia is 3 EUR
✧Worldwide shipping is 4.90 EUR

✧Slovenia – Usually 2 – 3 working days
✧Abroad – up to 4 days to ship from Slovenia and up to 4 weeks for overseas


If you have any questions hit me a private message, and we will figure it out, I’m always happy to help!

♡♡♡Thank you for all your love and support I appriciate it so much♡♡♡

Additional information

Choose Design

1. Magpie, 2. Robin, 3. Tufted Titmouse, 4. Blackbird, 5. Baby Crow, 6. Hummingbird 1, 7. Crow with flower, 8. Baby Owl, 9. Baby Duck, 10. Full Moon, 11. Crescent Moon, 12. Crow looking down, 13. Crow looking up, 14. Sleeping Owl, 15. Moth, 16. Fly Catcher 1, 17. Rufous Fantail, 18. Baby Sand Piper, 19. Hummingbird 2, 20. Fly catcher 2, 21. Sparrow, 22. Dark Eyed Jucon, 23. Chickadee, 24. White Wagtail, 25. Woodpecker, 26. Nuthatch, 27. Starling, 28. Robin, 29. Titmouse


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