Reduce your anxiety fast with immediate intense movements of your lower body parts of body, listening to binaural beats, eating something healthy like nuts or drinking turmeric, dancing, deep breathing, brisk walk in nature, quality sleep, sit with the emotions, journaling,…

It’s so amazing when you finally find the solution for reducing your anxiety isn’t it? But there is always ”but”… First time or second time it helps than, when you fall into lower feelings again you are even more crushed when you find out that your newest solution don’t help anymore! Yes I know this feeling. You have to stay on track and start looking for new one. Maybe you will just need a nap at that time or drinking water that you fill with positive vibes. I have many ideas for you. They might work or they might not, but you have to start with the one you feel most drawn to :). You might feel very low and when these vibes hits it really gets into you, you might feel freaking worthless and you would lose sense of living and wanted to just disappear. Yeah I feel you. Its so so hard sometimes. You think you can’t get out, you think there is no exit and those feeling won’t go away. Like they are holding you down and taking away all your energy and will.

They are indeed trying to tell us something. Feeling are there to help us let go, to show us where to go next, what to leave behind! But we have to sit with them which we wouldn’t even think to do because all we do is run away, right?! We all do that of course because they taught us that all we should be is happy, peaceful, calm, grateful,… And we should not show our ”bad” ones because than we are bad person and everyone would see we are fucking broken! Bad ones are like shadows that creeps out of us as we got triggered. Anxiety  many times gets there and break us down. Its a fear that keeps us on the bottom. But what if we would just let it sit there and not force us for a moment to get up?

Lets try this exercise before you get to others first!



Just close your eyes and take a few deep breaths into your heart. Now try to imagine that feeling, anxiety or whatever came up. Observe it. How does it look like? What shape does it have? What color is it? Does it have any smell? What does it do right now? How does it move? Is it like a person of maybe animal? Imagine it like a character that comes up to you when you got triggered by something and tries to tell you something. You can draw it, you can journal it down so you will already knew him when it comes up to you again next time.

Now ask your self ”When was the last time I felt like this?” Try too find the moments you felt like this for last time; what triggered you back than? Try to observe the situation. If you want to go deeper ask your self ”When was the first time that I felt like this?” Try finding that moment in your mind. Observe it and journal it down. The feeling will mostly disappear!

I did that exercise from last paragraph when I had panic attacks at night. I had this deep fear of getting ill it totally supressed me. Its even more intense at night when you body tries to relax and all emotions can come up. I simply asked myself ”when was the last time I felt like this” or when was the last time this anxious thoughts came up. I just let it sit, I didn’t run away. When I found the memory of the fast time I tried finding fist one. Between doing that the panic slowly dissolved and I get to go back to sleep.


We forgot to breathe more deeply and when we are under the stress we are breathing even more shallow. We usually don’t accept enough of oxygen into our body and toxins can start to clog in our bodies. When you are anxious it is important to take a moment and take some deep breaths just to energy get flowing in us.

Breath in trough the nose, first fill the lower part of the lungs than fill up the upper part. Try filling your lungs as much as you can. Than slowly exhale trough the mouth. Repeat this few more times. Try to see and feel the anxiety leaving your body.


Nature walks always helps to ease our anxiety; if it won’t transmute it whole it will help on some level for sure. Remember if it doesn’t help enough you should always dig deeper. Try a fast walk in the nature if slowly one don’t make a difference. Increase the heart rate level up more if you feel you need that. It will help you reduce cortisol faster. Cortisol is the stress hormone released by adrenal glands. When the level of cortisol is too high it can make more damage than to help us. 20 minutes walks outside on fresh air everyday will help you to feel better. While you walk in the forest imagine how all negative thought and feelings are being transformed into positive ones.


Shaking up your lower chakras helps get rid of lower energies in your system! Low energies are usually getting clogged in root, sacral and solar plexus chakras. The fear impact these chakras the most so it is awesome that when you start feeling anxious you just get up and start dancing. So all you have to do is shake them off! If you do this for a few seconds you will surely feel the difference after :). Its even better if you put on your favourite record and stars shaking your body!


Sleep deprivation causes increased levels of cortisol, so it is very important to get enough of sleep. Turn off all screens few minutes before bed, try to avoid interactions at night – put phone on silent mode, use some earplugs, I use memory foam ones and are the comfiest! For a better sleep take a shower before bed, because water will cleanse your energy and of course your body as well so you will feel more fresh and light. When I had night terrors I also showered in the morning for some time to soothe my anxiety. So that might help you as well. If you don’t feel like showering wash your face with cool water and send energy that doesn’t belong to you back to the source. Try to get to bed before midnight and try getting at least seven hours of sleep. If you have a hard time falling asleep try drinking rooibos tea before bed to calm you down or take melissa or camomile one. If you feel really stressed I would recommend you to try this ”golden milk” drink! I slept after this like a baby! Mix half of spoon of turmeric, pinch of pepper, a little bit of ginger powder, a teaspoon of honey and 1-2 dcl of milk. Heat it on stove but do not boil it! Drink it 1hour -30min before bed.


Journal out your momental stressful situation. Write down on paper everything. No need to hold back anything, just pour everything on paper, no one have to see this. When you finish you can take the paper and burn it. Imagine letting go of those emotions while the paper is burning. Try doing this everyday for few days and see how the anxiety is melting away.


First try to avoid processed foods, fried foods, sugars, coffee, pastry, high fat dairy products,.. as much as you can. Yeah I know. Its hard I was a rebel about this pretty much my whole life and I sill am. I love food and I love eating so much. But I always felt drained and many times it was actually a cause of anxiety! If you are highly sensitive or empathy these foods will drain you totally! It is crucial to start planning on more plant based and unprocessed foods if we want to feel better. If its too hard for you just add some of these foods into your meals at first, just so you can get nutrients into your body and slowly start avoiding processed ones. Try including these food into your diet: nuts, fruits – citruses are very good with helping anxiety, turmeric, dark chocolate, dark berries, spinach – or any green vegetables, oatmeal, sauerkraut, quinoa, buckwheat, chiaseeds – will help you with your gut health which is also crucial for feeling great, camomile tea,…


Reduce intake of coffee, coffee is clearly one of the biggest triggers for anxiety. First try lower the dose for the starter. But if you go all in this is amazing too! Replace it with ginger tea with lemon for one day. I have done fasting for 36 hours and skipped the coffee. I only drank ginger tea with lemon and hot water with lemon for that period. My head hurt but I knew that was the case of cleansing caffeine out. It was hard that first day so when I continue now I don’t even think of it. I still drink it occasionally but not in the morning like I used to. Also giving up other stimulant as smoking and alcohol is very important to feel better.


Type into Youtube ”binural beats” and find a whole playlist of meditation tracks. Its amazing if you can listen it with headphones for maybe a 5-10 min and you ill surely see the difference. Try meditating and calming down while listening if you feel so.


Take your journal and write down five things you are grateful for today. Imagine you don’t have a warm bed or a house or a warm water and think how it would be without these things. Repeat everyday by adding new things to the list everyday. Your list will grow and grow and your gratitude as well.