If you found this article you probably have someone close to you that you think is very sensitive and you just want to understand them a bit more. Thats great! I have a few interesting facts about these special people that might help you.

Yes, it is hard sometimes to understand someone who has severe emotional reactions over a situation you probably never would have. You might be a really calm person who doesn’t react so much. Or is this emotional reactions of your partner triggering you so much that you can’t stand it? You might notice that maybe this person just gets anxious for no reason and you just don’t understand why would they feel that way. You want to help but you don’t know how? You might think they have everything, right? Shelter, food, loving partner, pet, bla bla bla. And you just don’t understand why they aren’t happy! Please don’t start to force them with this gratitude sentences. It might just trigger the shame and guilt in them.

When someone is feeling down, really anxious for no particular reason they might not see the ending of the feeling or might not see the reason to keep going and work on their dream; please just don’t say those things, as ”you should be more grateful” or ”there is no reason to feel that way” or even ”no you don’t feel that way” it really doesn’t help; it makes it even worse! It’s like something is trying to drag them down and keep them there. They and you just have to accept that at that moment, because they just can’t act on it and feeling has to pass a bit. This person might stop trusting you and stop being authentic with you because he/she will feel that you do not accept – their feeling in these situations and you don’t approve of these feelings and outbursts. All they need is acceptance right now!

First of all, you have to try to understand these beautiful sensitive souls. They might be empaths or highly sensitive people. They have different sensations and are affected by other people’s emotions more than others who don’t have such subtle bodies. Other energies might trigger emotional outbursts and anxiety in them more than in you or people you know.

Empaths and highly sensitive people have an extremely reactive neurological system. They can’t block the simulations like other people because they don’t have the same filters! They are like sponges – they absorb all negative and positive energies. They can catch the thoughts of others and feel their stress, happiness, anger,…

Those people might have severe emotional reactions to different situations, small thing might just destroy their whole day because they feel so overwhelmed.

They might just pick up your emotions, your anger and they started acting like they are angry and they won’t even know why! So you might think what the hell is wrong with them but they are just being your mirror at this situation!


There are some things you might spot in your partner that will help you understand him/her more:


Yes. That is so true. They just can’t stand the harsh energies that are poured over them when they are fighting with you! They will do and say anything to avoid conflict because it’s draining their energy! They also can’t stand fighting because they can feel your anger and frustration and they also try to avoid it! When they trigger you they also can feel those frustrations and negative emotions!

So yes, overwhelm is the most common and damaging side effect of highly sensitive people and empathsConflict is sucking their energy out of them to the point they have to take a long time to recharge. They might need more sleep and time after that and won’t get energetically on a normal level just like others get.


As I mentioned before, they need a night of good quality sleep to function normally. If they don’t get enough rest they can’t function and do their work properly. This might cause brain fog and they won’t be able to focus. Sleepiness can truly be torture for them. So try to understand your partner and don’t judge them :).


Most of empathy don’t like big crowds and groups of people because they overwhelm them quickly. They might go out but leave fast when they get overwhelmed. In a small space where many energies are mixing it is just not pleasant for them! They are affected and if they don’t know how to protect themself it can be even worse and they might feel angry, sad, tired,… And they won’t even know why! Long bus rides and airplanes can be awful for their energetic bodies so it’s crucial to protect themselves with white shield visualization or any other protection they might find.


They can spot fake people right away. They might just know when someone is lying to them, they probably just won’t call them out because it might be none of their business or they just don’t want to start a fight. They might also seem surprised when others don’t spot the lies and bullshit because to them it seems so obvious. They don’t like fake people at all so they keep them on distance.


As their partner or friend, you might know their past experiences in relationships and their family. They might get hurt by their family members, or manipulated by their ex-partners, school classmates,… They take advantage of them because they have high qualities and are very compassionate and kind and might believe everyone is a good person beneath. They see good in others and think there is no such as evil people. When they meet those people they take advantage of them and even then they might believe in the good of those negative people and continue being kind. Empaths are magnets for narcissists. They attract everything they aren’t so they teach others empathy and kindness which these people are lacking. They also attract energy vampires, which are also a big deal for them same as narcissists they suck their energy out of them and when they leave, empath is feeling drained and feel negative emotions that that person dropped on them. One example of this is that they have a ”friend” who always calls them when they have problems and want to talk about themselves and probably never even ask about how the listener is. All they do is just dump the negative energy onto them and leave until next time leaving empaths drained and feeling lower vibes.


They might be allergic to gluten and lactose or other foods and they feel energetically drained after processed foods. It can also affect the mood, skin, digestion,… Caffeine might trigger even more anxiety in them.


They might experience severe anxiety which might occur for no particular reason, or they just can’t see the reason at that moment. They might experience severe anxiety when they do not see the ending of it. 


These people are very affected by other people’s opinions, especially in childhood. They probably also thought that others are more important and that they have to do things for them and be someone others will ”approve”.

Because their subtle energetic body are open and more affected by everything, criticism is most certainly going to hurt them on a deep level. They can even stop believing that they are good at something and that they aren’t worthy because someone’s words can really touch them and deeply hurt them.

They might be ”fake” with other people

These people can somehow really shift their personality with others sometimes, it is hard for them to be unauthentic but when they get into conversation with someone new they will try to get to their level of consciousness so they would be liked by them! So to get closer to them and unintentionally start being different and being interested in them because they want to be on their level. These people don’t even realize that they are doing that most of the time. They just shift like cameleons and go usually on their vibration.


I really hope this article was somehow helpful to you and that you would be able to easier understand the person you want to help! I write articles based on my discoveries and my personal experiences if that makes sense :)

You also have to understand that each person has their own traits and destiny, that they have to figure out by themselves just as you and me. This might be only the start of their or your spiritual path.


I wish you a magical day full of love & light❤️